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Security risks for transcription services

An American company providing transcription services has been charged by the Federal Trade Commission with having inadequate data security measures. This is worrying stuff for anyone providing such services – and for their clients! In this case the company, GMR, hired contractors to transcribe audio files for their clients. So do we, at Penguin Transcription.

 Their contractors then downloaded the audio files, transcribed them and uploaded them again. So do ours.

 They work with highly sensitive material, including medical reports, information about children etc. So do we.

 Somehow, a major search engine apparently picked up some of these transcripts off their network and indexed them so that anyone could read them on the internet.

 Thankfully here at Penguin Transcription we have a secure network and we use a secure, encrypted file-sending service to send the audio files, so that they cannot be downloaded by just anyone. Contractors send files back the same way.

 We do use email, as a rule, to send back work to clients, but if the client wishes we are very happy to send their work back using our file-sending system instead. All th work is checked in house. Also, if requested by the client, we can do all their work in-house – if they have booked in good time and won’t want too large a volume completed in too short a time! We can also add extra security measures such as pass word protecting documents, as required. At Penguin Transcription we take your file security seriously.