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A word or two about spam

Why spammers spam blogs?

In a nutshell, they’re trying to get links back to their website. If they post to your site saying something like, ‘Cool blog, dude. More people should like this write’ and you allow it through, then they will also have a link back to their site from your blog. In theory, the more sites that link to their site, the better their Google rankings will be. Actually Google is a bit cleverer than this – a transcription website linking to someone selling drugs is not considered a strong link. A transcription website linking to a site that talks about typing, interview analysis etc. is a strong link, and the Google ‘bots’ can differentiate.

Why you can’t tell them not to

Well of course you can tell them not to do it, but many of these things are done by ‘bots’ i.e. not a real person, so they won’t take any notice. Others are posted by people who are actually paid to post comments that link back to the paying company. How sad is that? I don’t know if they get paid if the comments don’t appear. If they don’t, they’re wasting their time posting on my site!

Types of spam

Subtle/Praising nothing

A very popular spam type is to say how great your blog is, without actually saying anything at all – because they haven’t actually read it. Here are some real examples from my blog:

‘Aloha every body, lovely website I find It positively useful & its helped me a great deal.’

‘Excellent indeed. I have been looking for this information.’

‘Thank you for share very good knowledges. Your blog is good. I am impressed by the information that you have on this subject.’

All these linked back to someone selling dodgy drugs online.

Selling their service

There are plenty of people out there who want to sell their services and are hoping for a two-way hit – 1) you’ll buy the service 2) even if you don’t, it’s another ‘backlink’ to their website so good for Google.

Some more real examples:

‘Sick and tired of obtaining low amounts of useless traffic for your site? Well i want to tell you about our great SEO service.’

‘Internet marketing is a select method to advertise any compassionate of point. While people yearn for to unearth something in a blog …’ etc. I haven’t posted the rest as it made as much sense as this does!

Not how these don’t even try to pretend they’re actually commenting on your post!

Blatant product sales

‘If you’re looking for something to make it stand up, then come to our website for solutions’ is one of the more subtle efforts! Usually they involve names of drugs and/or body parts!

Another possibility is words like ‘European medicines agency’ and then links to ‘medicine’ selling websites.

A bunch of links

Literally a bunch of links – no information, just links to websites where you can apparently increase your ‘ability’ etc.

What to do if your blog is plagued

  1. Make sure you have a spam filter, such as Akismet, which is a free WordPress widget, in place.
  2. Do what I haven’t done until now – take the time to regularly check comments and delete the spam.
  3. Even if the comment seems ‘real’ check where it links back to – you will see the linking back website in your comment.
  4. Unless the comment actually says something about what you typed –not how great it is, but a specific reference to it – like ‘It’s good to see someone blogging about transcribing focus groups. I’ve been transcribing focus groups all day and it’s hard going’, then it’s almost certainly spam!

Good luck with keeping them away from your blog!