Organising a conference – get the transcription booked in early!

A lot of conference organisers like to have the key note speech, at the very least, transcribed, and many also like to be able to send delegates copies of all the speeches or publish selected parts of the speeches on their websites.

Some people just publish abstracts sent in by the speakers, and that’s fine, but others want what’s really said on the day to be recorded for posterity, complete with panel sessions, audience queries, workshops and so on.

If you’re one of the latter, you might want to take a look at my article about getting your conference transcribed, which can be found here. I have just realised it’s a little out of date – surely there are no conference centres still recording onto cassette tapes? But the rest of the article is still valid. I will get that last bit updated soon!

The key points are:

  • Book your transcription well in advance
  • Use roving microphones if you are having questions from the audience
  • Provide your transcriptional with as much information as possible, including speaker list, delegate list, keyword list (if possible), agenda and general information about the conference’s content

The first point is probably the most important. A good transcription service is unlikely to be sitting waiting for your call and ready to swing into action when you say, ‘I have 20 hours of conference transcription and I need it back tomorrow please’!



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