You get what you pay for!

A quick update on my post that mentioned an old client who wanted to use us in her new job and wasn’t allowed to. She’d been told that the university she worked for had a preferred transcription supplier who was cheaper than us and she had to use them. She wasn’t happy but her hands were tied.

Well just last week she came back to me – the cheap transcriber had worked through half of one of her 60 interviews and then declared that actually he was too busy and didn’t have time to fit this project in! To her satisfaction and mine, my previous client is now once again a current client. I like to think that we are a professional organisation and we would, come hell or high water, never let down a client in that way, but in order to be a professional organisation we need to employ staff and have fail-safe systems in place and keep trained up, and all these things cost money. We are certainly not the most expensive transcription organisation out there by a long chalk, but we are also not the cheapest. However, we don’t compete on price – we compete on quality.

I’ll just do a quick victory dance before getting back to transcribing a really fascinating oral history about anaesthesia. I wish all my transcripts were this interesting, but then again variety is the spice of life – they may not all be so interesting but they are all interesting in their own way and they are certainly varied! Once this is finished I will be moving on to the history of Bomber Command in World War II and then a project on the culture of large corporation.


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