Choosing recording equipment for your recordings for transcription

The variety and quantity of recording equipment on the market is increasing all the time, and the choice you face when seeking recording equipment can be quite bewildering. To help you make your choice I have written some (very basic) information which is aimed at giving those people who have not done any recording before somewhere to start from, from the point of view of obtaining recordings for transcripts of meetings, focus groups, lectures and dictated notes. I have written a very straightforward article outlining the most important points to bear in mind when choosing your recording method and it can be found here. This article doesn’t cover telephone and conference transcription, as there are a number of special considerations for these types of recording, and indeed a good conference venue will often (though by no means always) have a recording set-up in place.

If you have any queries about what equipment to choose for your specific needs, or any further advice for people choosing equipment,  feel free to comment.


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