The Penguin Transcription blog is back!

Welcome to the all new, all singing, all dancing (well, maybe one day) Penguin Transcription Blog. I’m Anne Hickley, and I’ve been running Penguin Transcription for nearly ten years now. It started with just me in my back room at home, and we now have an office in Watton, Norfolk, UK, and two people working with me, Taryn and Clare. We also subcontract to a small number of tried and tested transcribers. You can read more about us on the ‘About Penguin Transcription’ page, or visit our website for more about the transcription services we offer.

Once upon time, a long, long time ago, we had a Penguin Transcription blog. This was back in the dark ages (well, OK, 2007) and it was difficult and time-consuming to manage, and frankly we just got too busy with ‘real work’. I think I managed six or seven posts – pretty poor show. Let’s see if I can do better this time. I’m expanding the business, and I thought I would revisit the whole blogging and social networking arena.

I’m also working on our website, Penguin Transcription. It’s a work in progress and at the moment it could be more readable, frankly. Any thoughts or suggestions, so long as they’re sensible and printable, are very welcome. (I do have a spam filter on this blog, so if you post rubbish, it won’t appear!)

You will sometimes find me tweeting at @Transcriber (on twitter of course) and we also have a Facebook page relating to our transcription services. I’m not yet quite sure why we have a Facebook page, or how long we’ll have one for, but we have one for the moment, so visit if you feel so inclined, and ‘Like’ it if you like it!


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